Our Axis community has the technical background and expertise required for drafting of patent specifications. We prepare, file and prosecute patent applications for a wide spectrum of technologies. Additionally, we are able to undertake the management of patent portfolios and provide renewal services for patents. We are also experienced in providing validity and infringement opinions, […]


We pride ourselves in providing a full design and trade mark services to our clients, including brand clearance, filing, prosecution, maintenance and enforcement of rights. Besides being able to assist our clients in registering their trade marks and designs, we are also able to conduct trade marks and designs searches and oppositions for our clients.Additionally, […]


Our Axis community provides a full design and trademark services to clients and partners including brand clearance, filing, prosecution, maintenance and enforcement of rights. Besides being able to assist clients and partners in registering their trademarks and designs, we are able to conduct trademarks and designs searches and oppositions for them. Additionally, we provide post-registration […]

IP Management

Our Axis community’s experience in intellectual property (IP) across all fields of technology and business allows us to help clients and partners increase their shareholder value in many ways. We provide comprehensive counselling and IP portfolio management services ranging from strategic planning, docket management, industry and competitive watch services, due diligence reviews to IP acquisition […]


Axis has always had a keen eye for innovative ideas and new technologies. Having experienced the challenges ourselves, as well as witnessing the rewards in creating, designing, developing and protecting ideas, we make it our mission to help businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors with transforming ideas into valuable commodities using our unique ide@xis services which are […]


Our Axis community consists of multilingual consultants who are equipped to translate patent, trademark and design applications in English, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese. Being headquartered in Singapore, we utilize English as our primary language. But by recognizing the importance of communication in the intellectual property (IP) service industry, we make sure that we maintain our […]