Axis has always had a keen eye for innovative ideas and new technologies. Having experienced the challenges ourselves, as well as witnessing the rewards in creating, designing, developing and protecting ideas, we make it our mission to help businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors with transforming ideas into valuable commodities using our unique ide@xis services which are built upon a foundation of intellectual property practices.

In addition to our Singapore-based team, we have a team in Thailand and an extensive network of partners. Together, we provide services that will guide businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors at each stage of their product development. At the initial stage, we help them in creating and developing their ideas and designs into inventions. Then, we advise them on how to protect these inventions in each ASEAN country and afford them the best way forward. To some the best way forward is to license or sell their protected inventions with our assistance.

Whatever stage of progress your ideas are at, and whether you are an independent entrepreneur or inventor or a representative of a large corporation, we tailor our services to suit you. With a holistic approach and close collaboration with our partners, we believe that we can leverage ideas against the global competitive market. Our unrivalled expertise and experience in patenting new ideas and technologies places us in a pole position to offer services which can transform ideas to commodities.