Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical

The Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Group comprises qualified and registered Patent Attorneys from Singapore and U.S. with extensive technical and legal experience in these fields. We provide advice, assistance and expertise to research institutions, companies and individuals in the identification, protection, acquisition and commercialization (licensing) of Intellectual Property. Additionally, our in-house and private practice experience […]

Biotechnology and Chemistry

The Biotechnology and Chemistry Group comprises qualified and registered Patent Attorneys from Singapore,  U.S., and Thailand with extensive international technical and legal experience in the field of biotechnology and chemistry. Our attorneys have been partners in leading International patent firms, and we are able to draw on the combined wisdom of over 40 years of […]

The Trademark Group

The Trademarks and Designs group comprises of members with business experience as well as law and postgraduate qualifications. As such, we are able to service clients and partners in different sectors of business and industry including, manufacturing, industrial design, research, consumer electronics, apparels, food processing industries, service providers, i.e., food, hospitality, financial services, gaming, etc. […]

Licensing and Transactions

The Licensing and Transactions Group consists of members with legal qualifications (LLB) complemented by industry and research and development experience. We work closely with inventors to identify and understand their inventions so they can obtain the strongest possible patent protection and appreciate the value of patents. With this, we are able to advise and assist […]