Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical

The Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Group comprises qualified and registered Patent Attorneys from Singapore and U.S. with extensive technical and legal experience in these fields.

We provide advice, assistance and expertise to research institutions, companies and individuals in the identification, protection, acquisition and commercialization (licensing) of Intellectual Property. Additionally, our in-house and private practice experience ensures that such advice is tailored to corporate and individual needs.

We have extensive research experience and postgraduate qualifications. The technical background and combined experience of the Group means that we are able to service our clients in a broad range of technical areas. These include micro-electronics, signal processing, power systems, control systems, manufacturing, materials, semiconductors, communication, biomedical engineering, robotics, image processing, computing systems, information technology, software, business methods, etc.

We also have more than a decade of combined industrial and field experience. This enables key practical and implementation considerations to be effectively taken in addition to theoretical and commercial ones when we work towards securing IP protection for our clients.

We undertake contentious work including infringement and validity opinions, due diligence and product clearances. We have been frequently called upon to assist our clients in IP/technology identification and extraction, IP strategy planning, infrastructure implementation and education.